Wednesday Night Dinner

Tonight we didn’t feel like cooking. So we made a simple soup that Mumma¬†Picciotto would always make when she didn’t feel like cooking either. It’s a cauliflower and pasta soup. But we didn’t have much cauliflower so we added cabbage. We also ran out of salt so we used a lemon salt. We didn’t have any small pasta so we broke Barilla spaghetti in to small pieces. Never mind, It’s hump day, everything is down hill from here!

You boil the cauliflower until its cooked through and mash it with a potato masher to get the flavour in to the water.



We added the pasta, three handfuls per person and S & P to taste. Now the trick it to make sure the water tastes salty enough. Get this right and everything else will fall in to place.



Max likes to play with the dry pasta that falls on the floor.


Mix through the cabbage and serve with parmesan cheese. Yum.





Tuesday Night Dinner

Tonight we made a Lentil and Barley Green Medley with Roasted Vegetables. A simple, easy alternative to your meat and four veg.

Lentil and Barley Green Medley with Roast Vegtables

The lentils and barley mix were boiled in salty water till almost cooked through, like pasta, you want it to the bite. Wash the lentils to make sure you get rid of any excess starch and grittiness once cooked to your liking. They were then fried with a little olive oil, onions and garlic over a medium to low heat. Added to it was diced zucchini, snow peas and choy sum with a good dash of sesame oil. A little S & P. and it was done!

Lentil and Barley mix

Green Medley

And you're done

Black had a hand in the roasted vegetables, it was his famous potato. First boiled, then shaken in the pan, then coated in oil, rosemary and S & P. Once boiled the skin of the potato naturally come away making delicious crispy skins when baked in a hot oven. The carrots, parsnips and zucchini were too coated in oil, thyme and S & P. All were cooked in a hot oven.

Black's famous roast potatoes

Carrots and Parsnips

The outcome: A healthy, filling, meat free meal. Yum.

Tuesday Dinner

Tuesday Dinner

Tuesday Dinner

Max was keen